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What can the solar eclipse teach us about our home?

As you undoubtedly know, today we Atlantans (ATLiens) got to experience a solar eclipse for the last time until 2044. As I stood out in our front yard with my family and neighbors, I couldn't help but wonder what can the solar eclipse teach us about our home (super cool, I know)? Here's what stood out.

Atlanta Solar Eclipse


Obviously light is the first thing I thought about. As the moon moved across the sun, the light was changing and I was trying to think of the right word to describe it. "Darker" wasn't quite right, and then it hit me: dimmer! Just like the dimmers in our homes, the light source wasn't changing colors, there was just less of it. What I noticed about that was everything looked grayer and not quite as pleasant. Even though the color stayed the same, the light didn't feel as good. It reminded me of the new dim-to-warm technology we're starting to put into homes. Some of the newer LED fixtures now come with the ability to dim to a warmer color as the amount of light output goes down. So a fixture might start at a color of 3000k, a nice neutral, and dim to as low as 1800k, which is basically orange. It mimics how the sunlight changes as it sets and feels much more pleasant than the gray light from traditionally dimmed fixtures. If you're in the process of planning or building your new home, definitely ask your builder about dim-to-warm lighting technology!


During an eclipse, nature often offers a unique lesson in sound management that we can apply to our homes. Observing how many animals become silent during the event underscores the importance of minimizing unnecessary noise in our living spaces. Just as animals instinctively reduce their vocalizations to adapt to the sudden change in light, we can take cues to create a quieter environment indoors. This might involve investing in soundproofing strategies and materials, using rugs or curtains to absorb excess noise, or simply being mindful of the volume levels when we're selecting our appliances and devices. By emulating the natural silence of an eclipse-stricken environment, we can cultivate a more peaceful and conducive atmosphere for relaxation and productivity within our own homes.


Bonus Eclipse Thought: Am I the only one who thinks it's CRAZY that the sun and moon appear to be basically the exact same size in the sky? The sun is roughly 400x the size of the moon but is roughly 400x further away, which makes them almost identical in size. Not only is that not typical for other moons we've observed, but it's also not going to be the case forever since our moon is slowly moving away from the Earth. That CAN'T be a coincidence, right? If anyone has a good explanation for it, they can meet me at a bar and tell me about it over a beer. I'll be the one wearing the tin foil hat.

Atlanta Solar Eclipse Tin Foil Hat

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