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Home Maintenance Tips: Roof and Gutters

In this series of articles, we discuss what needs to be maintained in a home, how to do it, and how often.

Today's topic is Roof and Gutters

Regularly clean your home's gutters

Water might be essential for life, but it's your house's worst enemy. Your roof and gutters are some of your first lines of defense against water damaging your home. In order for these systems to work like they should, you'll need to maintain them regularly; we recommend twice a year: once after the leaves are off the trees in the Fall and another time after the pollen spores and pods have fallen in the Spring.

The most simple and important way to maintain your roof and gutters is to keep them clean. Twice a year have someone clean the leaves, twigs, pollen spores, and whatever else has accumulated off the top of your house. A leaf blower or even shop vac can be great tools for this. Make sure the downspouts are also clear of debris and water is flowing away from the house.

Regularly maintain your roof

Check the penetrations in your roof each time someone is up there. All of the pipes and vents coming out of your roof should have good seals all around them. If these seals are damaged or the sealant has started to break down (which it all does eventually), it's time to have those seals repaired or replaced. I really like Sashco's Through The Roof Sealant for these types of repairs.

Additionally, if your house has moss growing on it, you'll want to take a few additional steps to clean it off. Tom Silva from This Old House has a great video on how to approach it.

Regularly cleaning and resealing your roof can prevent major repairs caused by water damage. This is one of those that's definitely worth the cost of maintenance to prevent a much more expensive fix.

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